Powering a Clean Future

Sirius Energy provides Energy-as-a-Service to businesses, offering smart, fast and intuitive clean energy technologies, aimed at transforming energy into new opportunities for growth and progress.

We currently offer two key services: Solar Energy under Corporate PPAs, saving businesses money on utility costs, and Energy Analytics by providing businesses with actionable insights on their energy profile.

We are changing the way companies interact with energy.

Solve hard problems

Cracking a crisis like climate change is not easy, but we love a good challenge. Instead of avoiding difficult obstacles, we actively seek them out. Solving hard problems takes collaboration, critical thinking and resilience. Untapped value waits on the other side.

Provide the best service

Our criteria for the best service rests on simplicity, impact and, foremost, trust. Strong relationships serve as the bedrock of our services. We understand that today’s customers need tailored solutions delivered in seamless and simple ways to drive high performance.

Not bound by convention

The energy industry is predominantly run by fossil fuel peddling, tech averse dinosaurs. Our success lies in developing new ways of doing things to best solve for today’s pressing challenges.

Sustainability is a way of life

We practice what we preach. Beyond just the services we provide, sustainability is a compass that directs our actions from the every-day activities to largescale strategic initiatives. We actively seek ways to do more good.