Sirius Energy Launches Sirius Analytics to Give Companies Complete Control Over Energy Consumption

The platform provides comprehensive data monitoring and automated energy usage analytics to companies in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Sirius Energy today announces the launch of Sirius Analytics, a new subscription-based energy management platform available to commercial and industrial facilities in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Powered by comprehensive on-site data streams, the innovative, cloud-based platform helps companies monitor energy usage at the granular level and discover data-driven efficiency insights.

Sirius Analytics enables commercial and industrial consumers to take control of their energy with continuous, comprehensive monitoring across facility operations. The online platform provides immediate and actionable insights that help to eliminate unnecessary usage, reduce overall expenditure, and support long-term strategic decisions through intuitive dashboards and reporting systems.

“It has always been our philosophy that, when we partner with customers, we want to go beyond a transactional relationship and towards a symbiotic one. We will continue to strive towards creating solutions that solve our customer’s problems” said Tariq Said, Co-Founder of Sirius Energy. “We want to continue to innovate solutions that save our customers invaluable time and effort while promoting more sustainable energy practices.”

Sirius Analytics is offered as a monthly subscription. The platform collects on-site data through a plug-and-play smart box that can be installed in any commercial or industrial facility in UAE or KSA.

Daniel Domingues, Co-Founder of Sirius Energy, added that “Energy-as-a-Service related products have the potential to revolutionize the way companies interact with energy. We believe that access to energy data is one of the most efficient ways for companies to reduce their electricity usage and work towards more sustainable consumption levels. Along with our solar energy subscription models, Sirius Analytics reinforces our commitment to be our customers’ energy partner of the 21st century.”

A simple and quick installation process and flexible monthly subscriptions allow commercial and industrial customers to sign up quickly and instantly begin to spot consumption trends, uncover usage anomalies, and work toward their sustainability goals.

Sirius Analytics is available in the United Arab Emirates and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from today. Visit the Sirius Energy website to schedule a demo with an energy advisor.  

About Sirius Energy

Sirius Energy offers smart and clean energy solutions for businesses, to transform energy into new opportunities for growth and progress. Through incisive analytics and solar energy corporate PPAs, Sirius Energy is challenging the industry to explore new technologies and use critical thinking to fight climate change.